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About Our Firm


Cognios Capital is an independent quantitative investment management firm that serves as an investment adviser to mutual funds, private funds, institutional clients and individuals.

Cognios creates investment strategies that follow rigorous quantitative processes to minimize the impact of emotion on investment returns. Cognios' experienced investment team utilizes advanced reasoning techniques from fields such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics and computer science to design and manage investment strategies with a specific focus on portfolio construction, risk controls and Alpha generation.

How is Cognios Different?

Cognios is not a traditional asset management firm. Cognios creates investment strategies that follow rigorous quantitative processes. ROTA/ROME® and QuantActive, our approach to earnings acceleration + price momentum, are unique to Cognios as well as the associated quantitative methodologies that support them.

Cognios is dedicated to offering investors an exceptional investment experience by providing enhanced transparency, timely communication and thought-provoking research. To reinforce our commitment to your investment experience, Cognios provides advisors with direct access to our portfolio managers. Questions? Just ask, we will be happy to share our research and insights.

We invest side by side with all of our clients with significant firm investment across all of our strategies.

Our Values

Treat others as you would like to be treated. This maxim has a long and storied cultural legacy. As a concept of "the ethic of reciprocity," it has its roots in a wide range of world cultures. As the guiding principle for our firm, this ethical code is apropos to contravene the era of distrust in the investment industry. By embracing this axiom at Cognios, we will treat investors and other partners (and employees) in a uniquely respectful manner. 


The name "Cognios" stems from the Latin verb "cognosco," meaning, to learn or to conceptualize. We chose this name because we feel that it evokes the thought-provoking nature that is inherent in all of our work.

We seek opportunities to educate and inspire, both for our investors and ourselves. We strive to add value and contribute to the success of our clients through education, research, intellectual capital and thought leadership. 


Cognios believes transparency is much more than sharing strategy, performance data and portfolio characteristics with advisors and their clients. Transparency is a way of operating, a value that must be engrained in the culture of an organization. Cognios promises to provide open, honest and objective communications about its investment strategies.


By continually putting our clients' interests as our first priority and being forthcoming in all ways, we cultivate deep relationships and foster trust. To demonstrate our commitment to open and honest communication, Cognios provides clients, consultants and advisors with direct access to our portfolio managers.